Turkey Enter EURO 2016 after Disqualified Previously


Turkey Enter EURO 2016 after Disqualified Previously


Turkey Enter EURO 2016 after Disqualified Previously – Turkey is one of those teams who are still short in history and achievement in international football championship. This team also has few things to point out, but they refuse to give up on the situation. Under the leadership of their beloved coach, this team has successfully made this year EURO 2016 qualification in 22nd rank.

This team has made short history international football championship. For FIFA World Cup record, the list to study is not much. They first entered the championship in 1934 but withdrew, and they did it again in 1950. They made it to first round in 1954 but withdrew in 1958. They never made the qualification since then until 2000. In 2000, they made the qualification and secured the third place, which is their best achievement so far in this championship. During the next three championships, they didn’t make the qualification. If they made it to third place once, there is no reason why they shouldn’t try beating that achievement again for the sake of progress.

For UEFA EURO history, the record is even shorter but quite promising. They made the attempts for all championships since 1960. However, they never made the qualification until 1996 when they made it to the group stage on 15th rank. They made the next attempt in 2000, and they fought until the quarter finals on 6th position. They didn’t make the qualification in 2004, but they settled the third place and pass semi finals in the 2008 championship. They didn’t make the qualification in the last season in 2012 so this year can be tough. However, history proves they are more than capable in making big leap after not entering the game. So, let’s hope for surprises.

This team is led by their local coach, Fatih Terim. He is maybe local, but he makes the team walking through the international path. The squad consists of eight goal keepers including Volkan Demirel, 13 defenders including Hakan Balta, 19 midfielders including Emre Belözoğlu, Arda Turan, Hamit Altintop, and Mehmet Topal, and ten forwards including Mevlüt Erdinç, and Kolim Kazim Richards. They have several goal makers like Burak Yilmaz, Selçuk İnan, and Arda Turan. Young players like Bilal Kisa and Oğuzhan Özyakup are potential goal makers as well, and this squad has a lot of future ahead.

In making the qualification, Turkey team has made the incredible records. They have made 128 appearances in FIFA World Cup with 48 winning, 22 draw, and 58 lose. As for the UEFA EURO, they have made 122 appearances with 47 winning, 29 draw, and 46 lose. This team is going to face Croatia in June 12th, 2016, and it will make a nice opening of their game in this year championship.

Turkey may not enter higher qualification of this championship. However, based on their last fixture against Greece in 0-0, this team is going to make a good game worth to watch. Their coefficient score is 27,033, which is not very good comparing to other team, but they deserve to be in the championship.

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