Tips to Swim Better


            There will be a time when you are envy of seeing how others could swim well. Don’t you want to improve your swimming technique too? We all have known that hiring a trainer to teach us how to swim is not that cheap. Of course there is certain amount of money we should prepare. So finding out the ways ourselves could be really helpful. Sometimes we ask our close people like friends or spouse to teach us how to fight against the water. But we all agree that internet could be one of the best sources when you are lost and do not know how to conquer swimming. So this time we appear in front of you to provide some tips of swimming, in this case is the free-style, in better ways.

            People keep saying to hold your breath while you are underwater in order to avoid bigger problems related to breathing, but there is good news to you since you do not have to do that. Of course the first time you try to submerge your entire body into the water is uncomfortable, being out of breath. It is because carbon-dioxide increases in the lungs. While your face is in the water, the unpleasant feeling will soon disappear when you make an effort of giving a stable and steady exhalation through your mouth and nose. Some won’t try too hard to master swimming since holding their breath is a big issue, but if you know the right pattern to breath, you will get heaps of oxygen on the two sides of your body.

            It is natural when someone gets nervous for swimming due to the depth of water or the fear of being sunk. Relax is a simple yet strong enough to build your confidence. Once jumping into the water, there is nothing to worry about. Just calm down and let your body moves. Do not forget to use your power and energy to push your body forward. You usually use your foot to walk on the dry land and your neck is in parallel position with your spine. So that’s the position that you should keep when you are in the water. Meanwhile, your face need to point downwards towards the pool.

            You might be surprised when seeing professionals rotate their body while swimming, and you cannot deny that you want to learn the method. Really it is an art form that everyone would say “Whoa, that’s beautiful.” You wonder if they rotate their body wholly but the truth is not. Let’s give an example; 900 is the angle for the side of the pool and 00 is the angle for the bottom of the pool, you only need to rotate your body no more than 450. Once again, when you are in the water, relax your foot and knees. You must kick the water from your hips. Take your time to practice so often to realize your dream of swimming in better ways. Remember those tips and just try to bring into the real one.

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