This Is the List of 24 Countries Playing in EURO 2016


This Is the List of 24 Countries Playing in EURO 2016 – Play-off round of EURO 2016 has been finished. It means that it is already complete 24 countries involving the biggest football competition in Europe in France next summer season. Two last qualifiers are successfully joining in the competition. Those are Sweden and Ukraine. Sweden kicked out Denmark in the play-off round. Meanwhile, Ukraine got draw result ahead of Slovenia so that it was able to get the ticket of EURO. What are the other countries successfully participating in EURO 2016?


The first national team discussed is Spain. The team is in the first pot being one of seeded teams. Spain becomes the previous defending team. In the qualification of EURO 2016, Spain has become a group winner in Group C. Spain dominates the standings ranking of the group. It was able to be one of the first national teams taking a ticket in EURO 2016. This national team is fueled by some football player stars like David De Gea and Iker Casillas in goalkeeper position. The defenders are Gerard Pique, Sergio Ramos, Jordi Alba, and Azpilicueta being the defender stars. Midfielder stars are Busquets, Juan Mata, Cesc Fabregas, Isco, and Andres Iniesta. For the strikers, they are Diego Costa and Pedro. Spain becomes the team that must be prevented in EURO 2016 because of the team line up and the status of depending champion.


The next national team is Germany. Though it is not a defending champion of EURO championship competition, this team is a defending champion of World Cup. The line up of football players are full and scare the rivals. Germany is also very good playing in a tournament or competition. It is often called to be the specialist team of tournament. Germany often reaches minimally semifinal matches so that every rival should concern on the full team power of Germany. Schweinsteiger, Neuer, Mario Goetze, and Thomas Mueller become some football player stars in that team.


England becomes another seeded team in EURO 2016. Though this team is often ignored by some other teams, but it saves the unpredictable power. This national team got the ticket of EURO 2016 being a group winner. It means that every team should concern more on the power and cooperation of English players. Moreover, it is fueled by young football player with excellent skills. Those included Wayne Rooney, Hary Kane, Joe Hart, and Raheem Sterling.


Portugal always becomes the favorite winner in EURO 2016. The role of Cristiano Ronaldo is very crucial in the team. Ronaldo becomes the important fuel and support to win every match passed by Portugal. The huge name of Ronaldo makes the other rivals become afraid of this team. In addition, there are several big names of players including Pepe, Bruno Alves, Wiliam Carvalho, and Danilo. The other rivals should be ready ahead of this team.

In addition to those countries, there are several countries participating in the biggest competition in 2016. The host of EURO 2016, France will take a part in that tournament with Belgium seeding the first pots. Then, the second pots are Italia, Russia, Ukraine, Austria, Croatia, and Switzerland. Third pots include Czech Republic, Sweden, Poland, Rumania, Hungary, and Slovakia. The fourth and last pots are Turkey, Albania, Wales, Iceland, Ireland Republic, and North Ireland.

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