The Prospects and Composition of Group B in Euro 16


The Prospects and Composition of Group B in Euro 16

The Prospects and Composition of Group B in Euro 16 – Group B for Euro 2016 is consisted of England, Russia, Wales, and Slovakia. As usual, each of them has their own prospects of winning in the game based on their previous performances. And definitely, it is something to look forward for. Are you interested in learning more about the winning prospects of each participating countries in Euro 2016’s group B? Read more here to find out!

The Compositions of Group B


This is one of the most formidable groups in the championship to look forward for. Hopefully though, after their debacle back at the World Cup of 2014 they have learned some of the most valuable lessons in a championship tournament, and comes brighter, stronger as a youthful and an even more dynamic squad this time around. It is different from Euro 2012, when there was Roy Hodgson to take a charge one month prior to the final tournament. He has had time ever since September in order to plan things better in advance, with England itself breezed their way easily and smoothly through the qualification process. He used thirty-three players in route to France’s championship tournament. At a quick glance of their more recent past performances, there are some new golden talents to be expected that almost emerged, but Euro 2016 championship might be too soon for them

England is qualified to join the finals as the winners of group E. England was the only nation capable of qualifying into the game with one-hundred percent record of winning. The first time they managed to do so was back in qualifying campaign of European Championship. They have a tally of total thirty-one goals, second only to Poland’s thirty-three. Statistically speaking the Euro 2012 was the moment when England had shown some of its most brilliant potentials on foreign land at a continental championship. They were practically undefeated aside from that one competition where they were against Italy. The key player of this team would be none other than Wayne Rooney, which is the major goal-scorer for England within six major tournaments. But there is something different this year as Rooney would be the captain of his team for the first time.


Russia has been winless back in 2014. However, their skills have been improved noticeably ever since Fabio Capello has been sacked in from the team in July 2015. His replacement, Leonid Slutsky has made some good influence on the team’s formation, especially with the reinforcement of the defence line with some of the best players from CSKA Moscow, a.k.a. the Champions League regulars that Slustky also manages. Russia qualified as participant of the final tournament with only 8 points from 6 games under the guidance of Capello, but managed to win the rest of them with Slutsky on their team, guiding them to win a vital score against Sweden that helps them to automatically pass their qualification. Russia has been winners back in 1960 when they were still Soviet Union, and they were also finalists back in Euro 1964, 1972, as well as 1988. They have shown their best performance after the fall of the Soviet Union, back in 1991, in 2008 when they run the semi-finals. Sergei Ignashevich is the key player of the team, which is also the CSKA Moscow defence line that helped Russia to maintain five clean sheets in the nine qualifying game he participated in.


Wales is not going to be just another number after a 58-year wait to participate in a major tournament. The goals made by Gareth Bale managed to propel them to France as of present, and they captain as well as defensive line Ashley Williams is as important. They just lost once to Bosnia-Herzegovina and conceded 4 goals to only Romania. This team has a fairly promising prospect in the game.


The last but not least is Slovakia, which will experience their second major championship in eleven attempts ever since they gained their independence back in 1993. They reached the last 16th rank of the 2010 World Cup, helping to beat Italy out of the group stages. They have also defeated Spain back in the qualification match for Euro 2016 so apparently, Slovakia has no problems of fighting alongside more senior teams.

Which one of these teams you are rooting for? Let’s look forward to their performances in the future!

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