The Guide to Group A of Euro 2016 in France


The Guide to Group A of Euro 2016 in France

The Guide to Group A of Euro 2016 in France – The fixtures and groups of The Euro 2016 has been decided on Saturday. Each nation qualified in the competition have been decided of their pots and placed accordingly to their supposed positions. These one of the four pots will determine the ranking of performance co-efficiency, as assigned by UEFA themselves. This ranking is assigned based on the results taken since September 2010, and it certainly something noteworthy to see about. This article will discuss about the prospect of teams belong to group A based on the some other data we had gathered previously. Learn which team from Euro 2016’s group A is practically hopeless and which one has a shining prospect in the game here in this article!

The Compositions of Group A


Out first contender is no other than our host country itself, France. They are favourable in this time of the year and they were the last host nation to ever win the championship back in 1984. Their team is composed of athletic and dynamic midfield players which are paced in a 3-person frontline as forces and team allies to be reckoned with, allowing them to be fierce during the most critical of counterattacks.

The Coach Didier Deschamps had done a good job of bringing unity in this team. However, the chance of the team winning is undermined a bit by striker Karim Benzema’s tainted reputation due to a blackmail case, which also weakens the midfield player Mathieu Valbuena from opposite sides. Although, this is all likely just a slightly weakened chance and probably won’t affect the team’s performance too much. France is a winner of Euro back in Euro 1984 when they were a host, as well as in Euro 2000. This will mark their 7th successive successes of entering Euro championship finals. The player to think of is Blaise Matuidi, which is the main driving force in the midfielder’s department. Even though there are many more popular players in the team, this guy is still the one who helps a lot in breaking the performance of the opposition and striking forward with an inexhaustible force.


The second to be discussed from Euro 2016 group A would be Romania, which is a strong team with a disciplined ethic as well as strong defence force that was notable for saving and bringing the shocking triumph of Euro 2004’s winner, Greece. With such attitude, Romania continues to be a team which can be unpredictable at times, but might have a chance winning a place in the game. Nevertheless, the team’s fairly high world ranking of the sixteenth or the team’s strong defence record is not fooling its national coach, Anghel Lordanescu, as he complains of the lack of players in his team which are based in the top leagues of Europe.


Their prospect is the most unfashionable, so to speak, for qualifying in the group. But their Italian coach has given a good influence on the team’s performance. They are fairly organised, they will position themselves so deep and uses tactics to frustrate their opponents in order to score some goal from either long shots or from set-pieces. They manage to win against Portugal in the qualification game, scoring 1 to 0 away and only losing in the stoppage time of the return game.


The last but not least is Swiss, which has a fairly high rating despite the fact that the national team never win the European Championship’s knockout stage. Their European pedigree record is severely underwhelming and they all finished in the bottom positions in three previous games. The team is severely in need of a good spot-on striker.

So there you go, the composition of group A as well as their brief prospects in the game. Hope this is helpful to give you the gist on which team to anticipate and which one is more or less to skip. But don’t lose hope so easily though, because in a competition, you’ll never know who’s the lady victory going to smile upon with!

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