Sweden: This Year Attempt on EURO 2016


Sweden: This Year Attempt on EURO 2016

Sweden: This Year Attempt on EURO 2016 – Sweden has officially made it to the qualification of this year UEFA EURO 2016 in pot 3 with quite considerable record. This team has always been the rival of Finland, Norway, and Denmark, and they build the competition with England in the last few years. This tense is what we want inside a game.

Sweden entered their first FIFA World Cup championship in 1934 and made it to quarter final. In the next championship in 1938, they settled on fourth place and took it higher in 1950 championship on third place. They didn’t make the qualification in 1954 but became runners up in the next one in 1958. This is so far their best title in the championship. The next title was in 1994 when they made it to third place. They didn’t make the qualification again in 2010 and 2014, and so far, they made no titile from the championship.

For EURO itself, this team history is also filled with their failure in making the qualification. They tried to enter the championship since 1964 to 1988, but they never made the qualification through those years. They first entered EURO in 1992 and made it to semi final and settled in fourth place. In 1996, they didn’t make the qualification again. They managed to enter 2000, 2004, 2008, and 2012 championships but they made no titles on the games. This year, they made the qualifications as play off winner. This year championship is a long journey for them. Let’s see how far they’re going to make it this time.

This team is currently under the leadership of their coach Erick Hamrén. Despite all failures on several previous matches, he proudly presents Sweden full squad to EURO 2016. The squad consists of six goal keepers with Andreas Isaksson as the most experienced one, 15 defenders including Mikael Lustig, Andreas Granqvist, Martin and Jonas Olsson, 16 midfileders including Sebastian Larsson, Kim Källström, and Pontus Wernbloom, and nine forwards including Zlatan Ibrahimović, Johan Elmander, and Ola Toivonen. Beside Toivonen and Ibrahimović, they have Erkan Zengin, Marcus Berg, and Emil Forsberg as their best goal makers.

To enter this year qualification, this team has made a quite record to consider. For the FIFA World Cup, this team has already made 165 appearances including 89 winning, 32 draw, and 44 lose. As for the UEFA EURO, this team has made 122 appearances including 60 winning, 29 draw, and 33 lose. They made to the final tournament of EURO for three times in sum. They may not make any surprising move this year as well, but we should expect good games considering their ambition in taking the team to a whole new level not to mention the tense in rivalry against three countries at once.

Sweden seems to be really eager to take their game into a whole new level. The squad is ready and they have proven their worth by finishing the last fixture with Denmark in 2-2. We should wait for their next fixture in June June 13th, 2016 against Ireland.

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