Russia: Ninth Rank of EURO 2016 Qualification


Russia: Ninth Rank of EURO 2016 Qualification



Russia didn’t enter the FIFA World Cup as their behalf until 1994. They joined the championship as Soviet Union. In 1994, their first appearance was quite good and they made it to the group stage in 18th position of all participants. They didn’t get into the qualification for the next championship, but they made it to 2002. This time, they made it to group stage again but they were down to 22nd place of all participants. They didn’t make the qualification for the next two championships. They got down to 24th position in 2014 championship by making it to the group stage. So far, there is no winning yet, but they are qualified to host the championship in 2018.

The UEFA EURO history is a little bit shorter than that. They first entered the championship as Russia in 1996. They made it to group stage in 14th position of the whole rank. They didn’t make qualification for the next championship, and entered group stage for the next one in 2004 with 10th position as achievement. In 2008, they made their best title in this championship by winning the third place for the first time. The next game in 2012, they only made it to group stage, which was backward move to the previous achievement. This year, they made the qualification and settle on 9th position with 31,345 coefficient points.

Russia is going to bring their full squad under full leading from recent coach, Leonid Slutski. In total, the team has four goal keepers, 14 defenders, 22 midfielders, and seven forwards. This squad is solid for the class and it has at least their five goal makers. They include Artem Dyzuba who makes eight goals out of eight attempts, Aleksandr Kokorin with three goals out of nine attempts, and Fedor Smolov, Oleg Kuzmin, and Alan Dzagoev who makes a goal for each. The entire players are from reputable clubs with high paying skill. There are no super bright stars among them yet, but critics believe this year championship will reveal them.

To meet the qualification, this team makes in summary good record. For FIFA itself, this team made 155 appearances with 90 winning, 31 draw, and 34 lose. As for UEFA EURO, this team made 151 appearances, with 84 winning, 36 draw, and 31 lose. This record is so good and it explains why they made it to the qualification.

This team may not be as great as the other ones on higher rank, but they seem to make a real progress after all these years. Especially in UEFA EURO, this team makes real achievement with higher rank from time to time. With them made it to the ten best is an incredible thing to consider. We should expect pretty entertaining game from them.

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