Poker Boya


          Poker boya game is a popular game in Facebook since 2010 until now. You can play this game with your account of Facebook. Poker boya game is a card game. With your Facebook account, you can play this poker boya game online. You must sort this card that is provided by poker boya game from best card to the worst card. Player with the highest number of card can win the poker boya game. You can invite your Facebook friends to play this amazing poker boya game at the same time.

            There is card level in the poker boya game. This card is used to get premises while you play the game. First card level is named royal flush, in this condition you will get five cards and player with the highest score will on the top. In the royal flush, the card must have same colors. Second card level is named straight flush card. In this second level you have to order card with the same color. Third level is four of a kind. Cards in this level have same numbers. Fourth level is called full house. In this condition you will have three cards with the same number and two cards with same number.

            This is tips and trick to play poker boya game. You can do this tips and trick at medium level of this game. You have to bring your half card. Keep calm and wait until you have opportunity to show your card a bet another players. You have to predict what the card that can make you win.  Do not use hacker software because it may contain virus and harmful your computer. Choose small room, if you have little number of cards; choose small room to increase your chance to win this poker boya game. This games need concentration, courage and strategy to win.

            In the free version poker boya game you only play poker in limited level. This version can be used to train poker boya game and know poker boya game.  Free version and paid version will not limited cards.

You have to stop in the middle of game while you playing the poker boya game, if you have become professional you have to play the paid game version.

            The poker boya game held competition in Jakarta. This is the first poker boya game competition in Indonesia. There are 40 participants from different area such as Bali, Bandung, Surabaya, North Sumatra, Jakarta, and Kalimantan. They will play with their maximal strategy and best skill to win this game. The offline participants have passed elimination process that is held online. In this first amazing online poker boyar tournament, there will be three rounds. There are twenty participants at the elimination first round. It will be selected eight finalists who will be chosen to play for the grand prize. All participants are very enthusiastic about this first competition.  This first competition will provide the best opportunity for the game lover to compete directly especially for the game of poker boya.

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