Players to Watch in Euro 2016


Players to Watch in Euro 2016

Players to Watch in Euro 2016 – In just a few months, Euro 2016 is here and it is such a great football event that we should not miss. There are many star players in Euro 2016 and watching them defending their countries will be such a great pleasure. Unless your favorite players are from Brazil, Argentina, or anywhere outside Europe, there will be a huge chance to see your favorite players deliver amazing performance during the Euro 2016. Below is the list of the plyers to watch in Euro 2016.

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo

Well, Lionel Messi is not playing in Euro 2016 so Cristiano Ronaldo will be the player to get all the attention during the competition. Despite of the fact that Ronaldo lost to Messi in this recent Ballon d’Or and all the endless Messi vs Ronaldo thing, we have to admit that CR7 is a really good football player. He has amazing skill and amazing ability to score in every chance. That is why he is one of the best players in the world. That is why let’s enjoy the Messi nonexistence during the Euro 2016 because it is then the time for CR7 to perform and bring Portugal to the trophy.

  1. Eden Hazard

Belgium is one of the potential teams to win Euro 2016 and Eden Hazard is in that team. Even though in his current team now, Chelsea, Hazard is barely performing well, in Euro 2016 there will be chances for Hazard to seek for redemption and play really well for his country. Let us not forget that last season Eden Hazard performed really well and bring Chelsea to win the Premier League. Hazard is blessed with amazing skill and football ability. Last season, Hazard was considered to have Ballon d’Or nomination someday in his career because he played so well. Euro 2016 is surely the time for Hazard to bouce back and deliver some amazing goals.

  1. Manuel Neuer

This German goalkeeper is going to be the player to watch as well because scoring against Neuer is not something easy at all. Recently, Neuer is the goalkeeper in FIFA team of the year and let us consider Neuer as one of the best goalkeepers in the world today. Just take a look at his performance with Bayern Muenchen and you see why Neuer is going to be amazingly expected to play well in Euro 2016. In German team, Neuer’s team mates will be players like Gotze, Muller, Podolski, and Ozil. So, if Neuer performs well, Germany can take the trophy easily.

  1. Paul Pogba

France is always a big team for Europe and even though they have some ups and downs, Euro 2016 can be their time to play well also. France has Paul Pogba in it. He is a really good player with consistent performance and skill to deliver goal by goal. In Juventus, Paul Pogba is the star and in France National Team, he is the star as well. With fellows like Karim Benzema in his team, Paul Pogba will be such a potential player to watch during the competition.


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