Hearthstone Card Game


Hearthstone Card Game

Hearthstone Card Game –¬†Hearthstone card game is one of online creditable card games built by Blizzard Entertainment. You can play it freely with some optional purchases. Those options will be used to acquire additional cards and also access more contents quickly.

This game was announced in March 2013 at the Penny Arcade Expo. Then, it was released in March 2014. You can play it on Microsoft Windows and OS X systems. Besides that, you can also find it on Android touch screen devices and ios.

If you find the new content, there will be new cards sets and game play available. Besides that, you will also get the additional expansion packs or the adventures of single player. Then, you can reward the player with the cards you collected upon the completion.

For your information, there are some game modes you can get in this game. What are they? If you want to know about them, keep reading below. Here is the discussion for you.


First of all, you can try play mode. In this mode, you will match against other players with similar skill. You can also choose to have casual or friendly play. Then, if you want other types, you take a part on ranked play and earn medals to reflect the skills and stand with your community. The ranked play offers you a 26 tier systems of rank. It will allow you to win the player with some progress of higher ranks. It will also lose the causes that can make them descend in rank.

Legend is the highest rank you will get. This type of rank cannot be lost till the end seasons. It also offers you the exact ranking in the region of player. There are also all ranks reduced substantially at the each season start with the lasting every one month. You will take participation in rank in order to earn the players special rewards of cosmetic. You can also get the additional designs of card back and the portraits of animated golden hero.

Solo Adventures

This is the single player mode that against the controlled opponents of computer. It also practices the matches or adventures. In this mode, you can learn the game basics against basic opponents that usually uses card with basic version in their decks only. You can also play against the expert opponents that use card large pool. You can choose which class to play there too.

Besides that, in this mode the player will attempt for defeating bosses in order to unlock the new cards. The boss will encounter elements of feature dialogue. There are also some contents you have to know from this part.

First, you can get Curse of Naxxramas. It is divided into five wings. Each wing has locations within the adventure. The wings will be unlocked initially for weekly purchase. You can do purchase about 700 gold or real money in order to access specific wings.

There is also Blackrock Mountain that offers you five wings unlocked on weekly purchase. Finally, those are all the reviews about Hearthstone card game.


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