Harry Kane and Jamie Vardy are Sent Back to Play for England at Euro 2016


Harry Kane and Jamie Vardy are Sent Back to Play for England at Euro 2016

Harry Kane and Jamie Vardy are Sent Back to Play for England at Euro 2016 – Harry Kane and Jamie Vardy are notable football players that play for Tottenham Spurs today. They play well in every tournament and it makes all people believe that they will give their best performance to lead line together at Euro 2016 as England national team players. The two young players have made 26 goals scores in the Premier League.

Many people believe that Kane and Vardy will become a deadly duo. They will become the most potential strikers for the English team in the top flight. The Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino also believes that the duo can play well together in the front line of England team. The great English strikers were likely to go face to face at White Hart way on Wednesday. They will give more strength in the England national team even though the Leicester striker Vardy is in doubt after he got minor groin surgery.

The manager of Tottenham, Mauricio Pochettino is sure that Roy Hodgson will consider to give the striker positions to Harry Kane and Jamie Vardy. The most productive strikers of England met head to head in the Totteham host Leicester competition. The manager is very sure because their achievement has gone far outside Wayne Rooney that only made five goals at Manchester United. Besides, the manager is also sure that they will be a perfect pair.

Pochettino also believes that the attributes of Vardy and Kane are compatible to a two-pronged attack and they have sufficient quality to play. The manager of Totteham stated that they both showed the unbelievable skills. Then there is no reason to deny them as two strikers in England national team. He added that the players have the skill to do it. He suggested that the players can play together in two-man attack strategy; such as Vardy with Rooney or Kane with Rooney. He is sure that the players can play together well if they have greater skills and they are great players.

The next game after the FA Cup on Sunday that made 2-2 draw will reunite Pochettino with Claudio Ranieri. Ranieri was ever reveled by Pochettino to sign for Atletico Madrid in year 1999. The move was delayed after the paperwork agreed. The financial problems of Atletico was the main reason and then they both were transferred. Pochettino was still at Espanyol and he won the Copa del Rey competition in the season.

Pochettino told about his meeting with Ranieri on Sunday. They met on touchline and said that Ranieri said that he was lucky. After the deal with Atletico and they were ready to move and he had the personal deal done. Yet it was impossible to give the money to Espanyol at the moment. He added that he agreed to go yet they couldn’t give the money for the club was taken over by the government. He said thanks to Claudio because Espanyol won the tournament. So, let see who will play in the England national team when Euro 2016 has started; what about Harry Kane and Jamie Vardy that have great achievement so far?


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