Card Hunter


Card Hunter

Card Hunter – Card Hunter is one of online card games you can play. This type of game is actually the browser based on flash game. It combines the collectible card game elements with the table top of board game. For your information, this game is built by Blue Manchu Games that actually leaded by the co founder of Irrational Games, John Chey.

There were also some development teams of other Irrational Games former and the employees of Looking Glass Studios. They became the consultants who worked previously on Magic: The Gathering Game. This Card Hunter game was released initially as the browser with based game in September 2013. You can also find this game through Microsoft Windows and OSX.

So, do you want to know more about this game? If you want to know about it, you can keep reading below. This article is going to discuss about it. Let’s find out your best information only here,

The Game Play

This game is appeared to the player as the session of gaming with game master, Gary. He is used to guide the players through the table top with role playing game. It will use the dungeon modules resemble to Dungeons and Dragons. As we know it consists of one or more encounters.

This fiction part is Gary himself who still learn the ropes. He will also start the career of player. He is also using his brother, Melvin, the more powerful in order to demonstrate the other game mechanics. After that, his brother will take away and force him and the player to start the new.

Well, the players will generate the party of up 3 characters. There are more characters that will be recruited and swapped between the modules. Those characters are also selected by some classes. This part will be used to determine the type of equipment they can use, race and grant special bonuses during the session of combat.

For your information, each character also has thirty six cards that will be determined by race, class, and their new equipment. Usually, the equipment amount for each career is limited. But, there are also some characters that gain the points of experience. They will gain more the slots of equipment, expand the abilities by using the new cards that enter their own decks. They will also allow the players to set the characters.

The Game Equipment

Taking about the equipment, actually it can be only swapped between the modules and any kind of stores with normal stock and also the exclusives with limited times. Those parts can be used to buy and sell the treasure and equipment all the time.

Besides that, this game actually has the micro-transaction ability that will make you spend the real money in order to gain the success for having better loot. This loot is from the encounter’s end that will be used to open the chests of prize with random equipment.

Last, this game is considered to mix the aspects of collectable cards of Magic: The Gathering with the concept of Dungeons and Dragons role players. Finally, those are all the reviews of Card Hunter.

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