AFA Domino 99 on Facebook


AFA Domino 99 on Facebook

AFA Domino 99 on Facebook – Are you looking for advantageous tips and tricks for playing AFA Domino 99 on Facebook? Are you also considering playing AFA Domino 99 for fun? Not to mention, Card games on Facebook has been widely available. Card games are in online basis on Facebook are emerging with various game features, variation, rules as well as modes of transaction. Especially for those who are a very fond of playing card games, the availability of such online card games on Facebook brings several benefits. For example, they can easily fulfill their gaming desires through mobile devices or PC as long as there is internet connection. Then they can also play such card games with Facebook friends and players from different background. Furthermore, they can easily get friends to play with since online basis providing all-time access to all players. Most importantly, such Facebook games make sharing od experience and access for prestigious tournaments possible. As for AFA Domino 99, it becomes one of the most favorite games on Facebook.

About AFA Domino 99

As has been stated, AFA Domino 99, or originally AFA Domino Poker 99 is one of available online card games on Facebook. AFA Domino is considered the newest game in Facebook continuing its former application, Domino 99. Basically, the idea of AFA Domino 99 is similar as playing Poker, which is to gain cards in as highest number as possible. The difference is that AFA Domino 99 simply use Domino cards rather than bridge. Players are required to learn the basic rules of Domino Poker, such as combining cards and counting cards to make calculation before making a call. Though AFA Domino is more favored as fun rather than progressive gaming compared to other real Poker games, it is very popular for many of Facebook users.

Tips and Tricks for AFA Domino 99

In its basic rule, players of AFA Domino 99 need to win through combining domino cards with different number into several flop categories. These categories include small, big, twin, and six of devil (6666). The making of these categories is by simply mixing the cards into a well-combined number closing to Big categories, which is the total of 39, 40, 41, 42 and 43. As for Six of Devil (6666) comes in a very small probability or in other words requires very big fortune. So basically, the tip is t play as patient as possible by keep mixing the cards to get the Big number. Once you get Big, go All In. If your combination is under 33 or, keep folding. Other than these tricks, you may want to try cheating application or cheating engine, but remember to always avoid purchase from unreliable websites.

Tournament and versions of AFA Domino 99

AFA Domino 99 has more complete feature compared to Domino 99 as its former. For example, in the first time registering, you can get free one million chips. It is actually bigger and better rather than other Poker games. Through the game, you can learn more skills through playing with people with better skill. Once you get to higher level, you need to purchase premium application od AFA Domino 99 for more complete feature and tournaments. As for the tournaments, they are held over weekly basis or more with certain terms and condition. For further information, you may refer to AFA Domino lobby that provides update information on available tournaments. But remember, you need to get to higher level before attending tournaments.

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